“MingalarBar” means “May you have an auspicious moment”. It is the first souvenir chocolate in Myanmar. And our MingalarBar chocolate is manufactured and packed in Singapore.It is licensedby AVA Singapore and FDA Myanmar. Hope this is a Myanmar Best Souvenir Chocolate for your Family & Friends.

Home Page Ta nge taw

Mingalarbar – Thu-nge-daw


The “Thu-nge-daw” is a fat jovial character with hair tied in two trailing tresses. He is very cheerful and friendly,full of fun and with good humour, having quality of being amusing, Read More


Mingalarbar - Thanakha

Mingalarbar – Thanakha


Thanakha is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made by grinding the bark or wood of the thanakha tree.It is a distinctive feature of the culture of Myanmar.It is needed to add up a little water to create the creamy consistency.Read More

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